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Hello to all,

I am starting JC next week on Monday because I will be out of town for the weekend but I did order my food today and it should arrive by Thursday. I previously had lost about 40lbs on WW but gained it back because I have no time to be counting points and organizing meals for the next day. Im currently doing my masters, working 40 hrs/week and doing my internship which is 20 hrs a week. I hardly have time to eat but I have made myself a promise that I will follow this plan since it does not require any cooking. I am going to find it a struggle to be active due to my time constraints but I will make an effort. My fiance is a gym freak and he doesnt understand why I cant find a little time to dedicate to the gym but he is also very supportive on any decision that I make and he will be my number one cheerleader through my weight loss journey. I hope I can also find the much needed support on this site since I am doing the JC program from home.

Have a great week,
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