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Originally Posted by mom2mollie View Post
I went to the wonderslim website. For a 4-week starter pack, it comes to $260. With shipping and a $50 coupon, my Medifast came out to $262. Plus I ordered through Mr Rebates dot com, and got a 10% rebate on my $262. Am I missing something? It seems to me they're comparable prices. I'm willing to substitute if the WS really are cheaper than MF.

WS is 9.99 per box where MF is $15.50

WS always has monthly sales and coupons and bulk discounts

MF is harder to get coupons for

Most MF coupons can only be used once per person

Most of the rebate places are starting to drop MF as they don't want to renew their contract for whatever reason.

99% of MF users switch to WS due to variety, sales, and better taste.

WS is free shipping

WS gives free samples

WS acutally offers more food in their packages. 4 weeks on MF is 143 meals, WS is 199 meals.

There is another site thats cheap and simple, 4wk kit (168 servings)I have found is at Doctors Best Weight Loss dot com, their 4wk kit is only $199 and free shipping. Their website also has a code for 15% off the $199. This is the same as WS and NL.


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