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I watch the show (and love it! The actress is hysterical!), and I'm not uncomfortable with it at all. They're just two people who really like each other. And two obese people kissing? So what? Other than their weight, neither is bad looking at all. The actress is STUNNING really.

Why should people have to stop living their lives because they're obese? That's just downright stupid. We watch people who smoke make out on TV, AND I've seen drug addicts make out on TV, AND girls with body weights low enough to categorize them as anorexic make out with someone on TV. Really, that argument in the post doesn't hold.

It's nowhere near the worst article I've read, but as I was reading I couldn't help but think, "This writer cannot ever have been obese." Usually when people say things like, 'all you have to do to be healthy and skinny is ____,' it's a safe bet they've never struggled with being far too big. Actually, I think she is/has been anorexic, so she should REALLY understand what it is to battle a food disorder.

It's also interesting the level of dehumanization the writer puts on "fat people" in general. Like she shouldn't have to witness the grossness of them being in love or dating or even existing. She basically said that if you're obese, she doesn't want to see you AT ALL, not even walking across a room.

I'm disappointed in her, though sadly not surprised. I think it's fine for her to have an opinion, but the way she went about it was probably nothing more than an attempt to gain readers or something.

Interesting, though.
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