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This woman needed to ruminate longer before writing something that a lot of people would read. That is, if she really wanted to promote a thoughtful discussion. But I suspect she & her editors did not, and all they wanted was a large number of Document Page Views showing up on the counter that monitors individual Web site visitors -- and anyone can get big numbers there by putting out something that irritates many people. I resent that they get to add me to their count because I clicked on the link.

I take this with a shaker full of salt. It's a fashion magazine, which has never been my go-to source for advice on physical or psychological health. It's primarily a source for looking at expensive advertisements of clothes, make-up & hair & skin care products & perfume -- all featuring naturally slender people. Because people can be naturally slender, apparently.

But no one is ever naturally fat. It just works one way.

Yeah, right.

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