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Default Hair loss, telogen effluvium, explanation

The phenomenon is called telogen effluvium, which is the medical term for acute hair loss due to a metabolic, hormonal or drug stress. Dr. Michael Eades (the Mister Doctor of the couple who wrote Protein Power) wrote about VLC (very low carb) diets and hair loss on his blog in November 2007. This post refers to a specific diet that isn't IP but the information about the process is still useful. I can't post the link because 3FC censors the name of the diet and the Dr. Eades uses the name in the page address.

If you Google < michael eades blog "telogen effluvium" > his blog post is the first result. He responded to every commenter for 15 months! And he's very encouraging about temporary nature of the hair loss.

note: cross posted from the daily chat thread, because, that post will get buried fairly quickly.
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