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Hey Chelby! I'll be thinking about you.

Linda - He did; thanks for asking. We are waiting to hear from the rental car company about the chip he got in the windshield the last day. I expect it will cost a lot

Beloved - There are so many hard parts of parenting and I suspect being divorced only makes it more complicated. What kind of car are you looking for?

Good morning Debbie. Snow?! You and Heidi... who will get it first?

Ruth - Do you have thing backed up to an external hard drive?

Heidi - I have a strange hoop question... do you swivel both directions or only one way? Does that make sense?

Okay, confession time. After a great run OP PH1 while hubby was gone, I ate crap for two days. Sigh. And I feel it. Ugh.

Now tonight we are going out to dinner at a Cajun place that has very little OP food. Tomorrow night we celebrate my mom's birthday but since DH and I are cooking the meal will have plenty of food for me and I just need to avoid dessert by SIL.

Yesterday's bike ride got cut short due to rain and I'm not sure yet if we'll got today. I wouldn't mind some boring elliptical so I can catchup on BL from weeks ago!

Have a great weekend everyone

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