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Good morning ladies!

Beloved, I hope you find the perfect car today.

Debbie, we dodged snow, too. I guess the ground is white a little farther up the mountain but we only had flurries. I'm glad - I do love snowshoeing and x-country skiing, but I hate it when the kids have to wear boots and snowsuits to trick or treat.

Ruth, the churches around me have stopped doing yard sales (or rummage sales, as they call them here ). I really miss them, they were my favorite way to get nice things that we weren't using out of my house. And there were always deadlines - get it to the church by this date or keep it.

I've got the usual weekend list to take care of today, laundry, housework and grocery shopping but other than that not much on my schedule. I'm looking forward to playing with my hoop some more (I'm really loving it, but I like it best when I'm home alone and can really crank up the music. I may end up taking a ride to the city to get some Christmas shopping done. I've got dated coupons and there are several really good sales going on this weekend. I just hate the drive. Oh well, I don't have to decide right now.

Oh, just read about poor Kirk's "mint tea" experience. Poor guy, I can't believe he took a SECOND swig!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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