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Originally Posted by RedBelle View Post
Since I consider myself June Cleaver with tattoos, I must be an alternachick. Thank goodness.
Ha ha ha! That's awesome.

I'm one of the only chicks that I knowin real life who has the "Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide" not to mention is one awesome plasma grenade throwing/sniping/cast some healing magic on your dying tail type of girl.

I'm tattooed and pierced and set my dvr to record Star Trek (Next Generation and Voyager) and Robot Chicken....I love art and music....and reading....and I would rather watch Watchmen....The X-Men....or Transformers over The Notebook any day.

I use the force and a variety of Harry Potter spells daily....know that if Harry Potter was a real boy he would be one month younger than me....cried when Dobby died....and think Spiderman can take out Batman any day.

I'm glad I decided to check this section out. Seems like a fun place.
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