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Originally Posted by sweetlily2 View Post
if you crave something that bad you have to learn to control yourself. you can have sushi. just don't pig out on it. have one serving and learn to live with it.

for example, i crave pizza! cheesy, warm, hot pizza. I've taught myself to just have one slice and I can be satisfied with just that now. I used to eat 4 or 5 slices...

Hi Lily!

You are right, for a permanent lifestyle change it is very important to learn self-control.

At this point, we are in a restricted eating phase of a medically designed program called IDEAL PROTEIN. It using changes in the foods we eat as well as portion control to assist in achieving weight loss. In this case, she can't have sushi during this stage because the rice used is sushi is not acceptable during this phase of the program. The program is designed to rest and reset the functions of the pancreas. Adding foods that stimulate insulin production actually interfere with the chemistry of this plan.

So, self-control won't work for now.

In case you are interested, this program is perfectly acceptable for teenagers. I noticed you did the HCG program. This is much safer and is FDA approved. It is something you might be interested in!

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