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Hi Lb, I can so relate to your experience, only difference is I was married with 3 children under 3yrs old and there was little to no support for women on their own in my day, let alone with children. I knew for years that my husband was having affairs but could do nothing about it, and didn't have any family I could turn to either. Then after about 15yrs when the children were then in their young teens he decided to brag about it to me and finally left. That was like having a zillion birthdays all in one!! It was real hard work keeping things going but I never, ever let him see me upset nor did I try to get revenge and even when my divorce came through I refused ANY maintenance at all! He was absolutely gobsmacked that I didn't throw a hissy fit or anything, in fact, I can honestly say that he was so disappointed that I didn't put up any sort of fight. His face was such a picture that I laugh to myself to this day!!

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