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The best revenge is a life well lived.

Cliche? Yes. True? Absolutely!

First off- respect yourself. This is a man who will never respect you because he will never be faithful to you. Don't let him manipulate you into believing otherwise.

As for her- let him be your revenge. As far as you're concerned she can have his ow-life two-timing @$$ because in a year or two, she'll be in your shoes too.

So as for you- block his number. Send any and all of his stuff and everything he ever gave to you back (COD if possible!) take yourself out for a good mani/pedi, enjoy a glass of wine and get ready for your new life. Sign up for a class for something you've always wanted to learn. Make a fitness goal for yourself- running a 5k, competing in a sprint tri, biking a cool route. Buy a new cookbook full of recipes that you are excited to try because now you can cook whatever you want and only have to worry about you. Do things that YOU enjoy, that bring you happiness, and help you feel empowered.

And for your revenge? Some day this loser will call you tryign to crawl back into your life and you'll be able to say "Oh hi there. Sorry I don't have time to talk. I just finished shopping for some new clothes since all my old ones are too big. I need to hurry home and try on my new lingerie while my amazing new boyfriend pours me a glass of wine and finishes the gourmet meal he just cooked for me. Sorry things didn't work out for you and your latest tramp, but do us both a favor and lose this number, mkay?"

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