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I'm so sorry you're going through this!

Please please don't let this man lead you to believe that YOU lost HIM. I know it hurts and you're angry, but remember that you deserve someone far better than him. I know too many women who are with serial cheaters and tolerate it because they love or need him. Take my family member, S. She is married to a serial cheater. He left his fiancee for her. S has caught him cheating twice. Both times he had been involved with the other woman longer than 6 months. S found out the first time because she caught an STD from him. S stays because she loves him, but not herself. She doesn't realize she deserves to have someone love her and respect her as much as she does him.
Think of this as a freeing experience, not a breakup. You got rid of someone who disrespected you, lied to you, potentially exposed you to illness and was overall a terrible person to you. You deserve better!

And as for revenge, the best revenge I've found, is to move on and find happiness. People who thrive on using and hurting others are generally unhappy with themselves and their life. Trust me, I've had a LOT of people who used to make my life **** look at me now and WISH they had me and my life, not to sound like an arrogant jerk, LOL.

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