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One pound at a time...
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S/C/G: 214/TICKER/125

Height: 5'3"


Oooh I love this thread!


-Knee high boots
-Tank tops in the summer
-Little dresses/mini skirts
-Cropped jackets
-"Fitted" anything
-Smaller rings! (I swear, I carry all my fat in my fingers )


-Having a guy hit on me without wondering if it's some kind of cruel joke
-Bungee jumping without having to make the employees assure me that I'm NOT going to snap the rope
-Posting full body shots on Facebook
-Being able to tiptoe without sounding like a baby elephant
-Taking a pole dancing exercise class at a local studio
-Being able to get into camel pose and crow pose properly during yoga class
-Running without getting funny looks
-Not having my thighs rub together
-Not being "the fat funny girl"



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