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I have to admit that I'm pretty shocked reading some of these wish lists. People are saying they can't wear skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, bathing suits, etc. and people saying that they want to feel loved, be worthwhile, be assertive...It makes a bit sad because these are things you should have NOW, not 20, 30, 40, + lbs from now. I rock skinny jeans, cute dresses, bathing suits, etc. now. I also know that I am loved, worthy, and I look fierce! You guys all seem like intelligent, caring, smart women. Things like love and self worth aren't going to come magically when you reach a number on a measuring tape. I know that may sound trite but the people in your life who care about you probably think you're all of those things you wish to be. I know self-confidence is hard and you do have to work on it every day but I really wish more of you felt it.

That is not to say that I don't have my days and feel gross and unattractive but if you want to wear skinny jeans, WEAR EM. A few random people might give you the side-eye but who cares, haters to the left. Some of the most conventionally attractive women you know are probably some of the most insecure. Even supermodels have gross days.

Anyway, sorry if that sounded preachy. I actually do have a list as well. I'm looking forward to:
-Being able to run 5k's again.
-Not having shorts ride up and look like they were eaten by my thighs.
-Getting rid of the dreaded "chub rub" when I wear skirts and dresses.
-Being able to have great sex without feeling like a 78 year old chain-smoker who just ran up a flight of stairs.
-Dancing all night instead of collapsing at the banquette after 20 minutes for a water break and looking like a sweaty swamp monster.
-Being asked to go on fun outdoorsy trips and things. I think people assume since I'm fat, I won't want to go.
-More energy!
-Being more comfortable when I'm in airplane seats, buses, etc.

P.S. Ladies there are fashion blogs for the fatshionista! Also, there are stores like Faith21, Torrid, Evans, ASOS, and Target have amazing clothes in big sizes.

Starting weight - 301
First goal - 275 (MET)
Second goal - 250
Third goal - 225
Fourth goal - 200 (100lbs down)
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