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Originally Posted by kykaree View Post
I can vouch for the benefits of exercise. I have had recurrent severe depression for years. In the year I have been eating healthily and exercising regulary, I have been fine, and have had only had one panic attack in that time. I find exercise gives me "headspace" to put things in perspective.

Absolutely!! September has been such a difficult month for me. I've ended my weight loss efforts & am on to the much less exciting (and motivating) task of now maintaining for the rest of my life. That, combined with the fact that I live in the north & it doesn't get light now until close to 7am, has almost made me bedridden. I went from happily exercising 5-6x/week to dragging myself to do SOMETHING 2x/week. My mood spiraled downward & the depression was winning.

I've since adjusted to PM workouts. It gets late, but no matter what, I will continue. In the last week, I've only managed 4x/week, but I can already feel the difference. Have talked to DH to let him know why I have to have this time - how it will benefit us all - and he is completely on board.

Nothing like a good sweat-fest to help ward off the anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness, sleeplessness, etc. I am a firm believer.
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