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Happy Turtle Tuesday!

: Did it. I done did it! Did it with a few tenths to spare... "under the deuce" as my friends all like to say. Of course I'll feel a little better the more distance I get between it and me - but it did feel pretty darn good. Unfortunately this is usually where I sabotage myself and think "cool, done! where are the browinies?" - this time I haven't felt that way - which is new (and nice). So I'm just carrying on, doing more of the same and looking forward to seeing the 180's next.

Zumba poundage (ok yeah, my eating habits have helped, but...) 9.8 pounds in 4 weeks after starting classes. Before? Maybe half that.

Judy and Peanutt, totally can't wait for The Biggest Loser too! Always so motivating (tho keeping in mind they work out 6+ hours a day and have no external distractions!). Love watching the tranformations. I actually have Tara, Shay and Michael on Facebook and keep track of how they're doing still.

Princess, your post was making me drool.... Mondo congrats on the loss!!! The meds do sound nasty - no doubt it's smart to just hang in there for now.

Kim, yup, I'd be wanting to kill my sibling for that too. Smart move getting it out of the house!

Cherry, even with the move you're doing great! Hope things are settled soon and the new place feels like home!

MrsT - I'm a firm believer in the phantom poundage. No doubt that's what you saw and it vanished before there could be any proof of its existence. Congrats on the loss!!!

life4evr - Not even a pound... your congestion alone may be accounting for what the scale shows (or I'm sure it feels like it!).

Ok, must away to more work... One of my employees told me today that another employee told him I was mean. Which, actually, made me chuckle.... I'm not mean, I just want them to do what I have faith they're capable of doing. But, if you need it.... ()

Toodles Turtles,


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