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Jenny my husband and I drink the Tart Cherry for akes and pains, he drinks two cups per day and I drink 1/2 cup per day. I think a-lot of his is arthritis, mine was just from Humpty Dumpty (me) taking a great fall! It so strange ,in one of my diet combinations they were talking how different foods affect our bodies. I know I am more active after being on it for 1 week with just a half a cup per day but I did start out with 2 cups per day. I am off my pain medicine and lifting feed and loading it again in trucks. I couldn't pick up a pencil a week ago without about to die, I prayed a-lot, asking our Father to make me, me again and the Lord has. I must stop now and say, THANK YOU FATHER! When that couple told me that their doctor had them on it for a year for arthritis , I bought some. I sure am glad he placed them there at the same time I was there.

Went garage sale hopping with my friend Lanelle and we found alot of neat stuff one was an antique Bee Smoker for a dollar! I asked my husband if he knew what it was and he said Sure do its a bee Smoker have not seen one of them in ages! A horse swing, made out of a tire, for my grandchildren if they ever come to see me before they get to big for it. Lots of other goodies for a dollar!

Jenny what made you loose focus last time or you on guard for it this time? It is good to make mistakes or mess up sometimes because we learn from it and we are much smarter next time. I had lost my sister but instead of being grateful she was my sister and not somebody else's sister,and that we had been with each other for 54 years, I was angry with God and I told him so. I now know that was wrong but my anger took over my life and I didn't much cared if I ate or not because I had lost all my weight to bring others to know him, not for myself .Even though I had started at first loosing weight for me I had committed to loosing weight to bring others to him. After I lost her I could of cared less I was so angry!

Now I know to cherish my family, and to over look what I don't agree with, for they may not be here tomorrow. Grateful they are my family and that I live in America. I am grateful for the time I spend with my friends. I love to make special memories, for God may take his children home but he leaves the precious memories made , they do not die. So now I am on guard there. If something like that happens ,yes my heart will break but I will be so grateful for the precious time God gave me with that person in my life.

In exercise I walk a-lot and just cleaning my house is great exercise for I like to move my bode while cleaning to music.

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food." Romans 14:20a (NIV

Goal one......200
Goal 2..........195

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