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Hi everyone and welcom Shaunabee7. I thought I would post a quick update, I go to my endo next week, I am thinking things haven't changed much, after the original 60lb wait gain (when I first got the tumor), then losing it allwhen I got regulated. Fast forward to now that the prolactin counts are back up I am at a 23lb gain. I am so frustruated, my cup size has gone from a B to a D and nothing fits!

I wanted to ask again, has anyone had their prolactin go high again, after years of being controled on Cabergoline? Nothing has changed (as far as other health issues) I guess my tumor got tired of responding to the medicaiton. What doses are you all taking of cabergoline? Right now I am taking .5mg 3 times a week. For years .25mg controlled it at 2 times a week.

I used to joke that if I had to have a tumor this was the best kind to have... now I am so frustruated... its driving me crazy .
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