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But do keep in mind, maintaining weight involves lots of work as well. Lots of it.

You obviuosly want this (at least to some degree) or you wouldbn't be reaching out for help.

Until that powerful "I'm going to do this no matter what attitude comes back", why not rely on the good habits that you know of? For me, that means:

Plan, plan and than plan some more.

Map out your food schedule in advance. Have the right foods on hand - the wrong ones gone. Know where every meal and snack is coming from ahead of time. No exceptions. Take foods with you when you venture out. No matter what.

Also plan in activities to keep you busy. A puzzle, writing, reading, walking, talking, sewing, cleaning, organizing, errands, whatever..

Also - you write it before you bite it. You write it before you bite it. You write it before you bite. No exceptions.

Reward system. Give yourself a reward for staying on plan 24 hours. A new lipstick. Another 24 hours - a new scarf. Etc. Make a game of it.

Give yourself one perfectly on plan day. Repeat. Before you know it you will be stringing them together back to back. Could just be the start of something big.. Remember, good eating begets more good eating. It's a wonderful cycle.

MAKE things happen. Don't wait around for them to happen to you. Go out there and take that feeling back, don't wait around for it to fall into your lap - it may never happen.

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