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I agree with everyone here who has posted. It is definitely true that no one can magically make you dedicated again, no matter what they say, and that it has to come from you.

I for example have failed so many times and lost motivation soooo many times and often by the time many of us have our "OMG what am i doing?" moment, we've already gained back all the weight and sometimes more. It's good that you've already realized that things are getting out of control before it's gotten really bad. That's like a baby step in the right direction. Unfortunately, like I'm sure you know, it's not always enough to know what you should be doing. Doing it is the actual hard part.

I know it's hard and I think every 3fchick knows how hard it is to stay motivated and find motivation and not give up and do what you have to consistently. I don't know what anyone can say to help and to help you find that because having been there before I know you know all the things that everyone will say already and know what you should be doing even if its hard to make yourself do them. It's like a "the spirit is willing but the body is weak" situation.

But what may help is like take it like an addict who's falling off the wagon, y'know. Staying on plan one minute at a time, and then one hour at a time, and then one meal at a time and then one day at a time. Whether or not you feel like it. Forget that its a weight loss program. Exercise because you have to (not because you want to), and try not to go crazy on food again not because of weight but for your life because of health.

Or another option could be maybe to try maintaining for a while at your current weight loss till motivation comes again (and it will, it always does! No matter how many times you give up and say I'm done, motivation always comes back). At least if you maintain (whilst keeping up the exercise), when you re-find your motivation again, you don't have to start from scratch, PLUS, it will be practice for when you finally get to goal and have to live a maintenance lifestyle permanently.

I hope this helps a bit. And hugs. And I pray you find your motivation and strength to continue what you started because you've already done so well!
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