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S/C/G: 163/150/120

Height: 5'4"


NAME: Molly

BIRTHDAY: January 26th

MARITAL STATUS: Living with my boyfriend.

TOP WEIGHT: 163 lb



EYE COLOR: Brown, with a blue spot.

HAIR COLOR: Dark brown. Most of the time.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Drawing, painting, comics, video games, reading, DIY projects.

PETS: Two kitties. Well, one for me, one for my boyfriend.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Southern California.

FAVORITE COLOR: Orange + white, together.

FAVORITE FOODS: Mahi mahi tacos and beer. Mmm.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Swimming and bicycling. And Wii Fit yoga.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Atwood, Palahniuk, Sedaris, lots more.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Anything by Wes Anderson. Punch Drunk Love. Kick ***. District 9. The Coen Brothers can't go wrong. I especially love O Brother, Where Art Thou?

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): 30 Rock, Mythbusters, some random cooking shows like Spice Goddess. Oceans Blue. Flight of the Conchords. ()

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: The Decemberists, the Pixies, Arcade Fire, Apples in Stereo, Gorillaz, Pavement. Many more.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I always seem to lose my motivation too soon.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I have a support network of IRL friends that I know will help me this time. Before, I was just moping in my apartment after work every day. Now I have running buddies

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Run, bicycle, swim, skate!! I wanna be in roller derby!

RELIGION: Raised Christian, hard-core Christian actually. I grew out of it sort of unwillingly when I turned 19, but I'm so, so glad now. I simply believe in my art and my dreams.

POLITICS: I voted for Obama because I was optimistic. I'm disappointed in him, but for simplicity's sake I'll call myself a Democrat.

PIERCINGS: Snug and labret. When I reach my mini-goals of 140 and 130 lbs, I'm getting second earlobe piercings. And possibly a nostril stud, if my face starts to look better as I reach my goals.

TATTOOS: If I can reach my goal and maintain for a year, I've promised myself a tattoo across my whole upper back. I'll have until then to design it.
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