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Hello everyone! Did you all have a good Labor day? Gosh I remember L.D. and Thanksgiving when you were encouraged to eat your own weight in food in a 24 hour period. Happy memories of happy days. I always feel sorry for any American on a diet towards the end of the year. Thanksgiving and then Christmas following on its heels was a dangerous time

Sandra Umpteen projects on hand. We are planning to move in the spring. We have been in this house for 32 of our 35 married years and there are just too many memories here. We have an old early Victorian house and are in the process of decorating. The ceilings are awfully high, we have several long corridors, the bedrooms are all double, the floor boards uneven oak and on top of that we have a double cellar and a large attic. Houses aren't moving very quickly but we hope they will get a wriggle on next year. We are looking for a small bungalow or 2 bedroom house with a managable garden. Any money we have left over from the sale we want to buy a camper van so we can have holidays when we feel like just upping sticks and going. A different sunset every night.

I haven't heard of Turk's caps either, but then, a few years ago butternuts were only sold on the exotic veg counter at the markets here. Now they are run of themill and I'm so glad because I LOVE them roasted.

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