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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
All those are prepared foods though which is where the cost comes in. Healthy doesn't necessarily mean low calorie but 'diet' processed foods and speciality foods will always cost more.
Mmmhmmm, but it's the same with the produce around here. And really, define "processed food"... nonfat yogurt and all natural turkey breast are hardly "convenience foods"

I eat only all natural foods 90% of the time, which will obviously cost more. But even with produce, my farmer's market apples are $3 for 6 (50 cents for 80 calories, or $6.25 per 1000 calories

Cucumbers are a bit cheaper - $2.00 for 8, but at 30 calories each thats $8.00 per 1000 calories

Tomatoes come in buckets with roughly 6-7 large tomatoes for $4. Lets be generous and say 75 calories a tomato, since these are pretty big...That's $10 per 1000 calories

Organic chicken breast is cheap than turkey breast - let's say $6.99 a pound on average. That's about 750 calories total, or $9.33 per 1000 calories

I don't see how you figure it's cheaper to eat healthy...

ALSO, convenience "healthy" foods can actually be cheaper than fresh produce, more often than not. I could spend $1.10 on a can of healthy choice or Amy's soup on sale for 250-300 calories, or I could spend $2.00 on half a ball of mozzarella and .75 on a large tomato and drizzle them with .15 of balsamic vinegar for $2.90 the same 300 calories.

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