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First off, great job!!! Don't you just love it when you notice those little things that just make you wanna jump for joy? I'm so happy for you!

Second, slimming down calves is a tricky thing because you can really only do so much. Make sure you look at your parents' calves to see if maybe big calves are just genetic [in which case you're kinda S.O.L.].

Exercise in that area will get rid of fat, which will slim it down some [or it might just keep it bulky with muscle due to genetics]. Running/walking, resistance training in that area will show you what will happen.

Stretching lengthens the muscles which make them look a little longer and toner. You can do simple stretching exercises, yoga or Pilates: all will accomplish the same thing. I vote either yoga or Pilates so you can get a routine for your whole body!

Good luck!
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