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Originally Posted by Debbie24 View Post
Morning Ladies!!

How is everyone doing?

Jillian ~ You are rockin' it, WTG on 164! Looks like things are moving nicely.

Heather ~ woo hoo 3.8lbs is awesome!!

Barbara & Angie ~ Thank you for the encouragement.

With DS#3 I lost consistently while nursing and only had issues when I was closer to goal like everyone else but this time around its not going so smoothly. Little mama is doing well and has grown soo much on just mamas milk which makes me happy. I know I have my whole life to deal with my weight after i'm done nursing so for now i'm dedicating my body to her but still keeping mini goals so I dont let myself completely go.

Did I tell you girls that she's 7 months, crawling, sitting, and now even pulling up on furniture? Why does it go so fast? She's the sweetest little girl . She just came over to cuddle so i'm mush now, LOL.

Hope you are all having a good day!
debbie--my last little girl who turned 1yr old at the end of april is so laid back and not quick to do much of anything. i love that about her. she's very low maintainence and always happy, unless she's tired, hungry or in pain. she's got quite the weird personality and she keeps me laughing and entertained constantly!
it's good that you're prioritizing and putting yourself and nursing first. just make sure that you're doing healthy things (like i told Kim) and you'll be just fine.
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