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Originally Posted by HopefulTricia View Post
Sheshie - How cool are you? I would love to be able to do something like that sometime. Contiental Divide or the Appalachian Trail. This is a dream... so out of my normal life. I admire you and welcome back.

Originally Posted by Linden View Post
The word "wow' has become ubiquitous here, so maybe it doesn't have the impact it might. But WOW.

And I've been curious, since I started to read you posts, how you could work with a coach and not raise your heart rate above what's good. I mean, it sure worked for you.
Thanks y'all... this was way out of my normal life too... I've hiked & camped in the Rockies, but never did anything like this past weekend... I feel pretty great about it...

To answer your question, Linden... I don't have a coach, I've been doing the IP protocol on my own, according to Dr. Tran Tien's website... my workouts are interval training, a few minutes of cardio, a few minutes of strength training, so I rarely raise my heart rate above 70% of max...

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