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Originally Posted by WyoSun View Post
I didn't think it was possible to get sick with all the vitamins we are taking!!!
I wish that were the case! I had more colds and sinus infections this summer than ever before.

Originally Posted by Becca7 View Post
If someone out there is needing to encourage themselves, I did this before and it was a nice little boost. Take a measuing tape if you have one, and instead of measuring your current size, hold the tape at what your starting number was. I did this with my thigh measurement and it was so encouraging to see what size my thigh had been, compared to what it had shrunk to. I know my pants fit differently, but the visual was just really good.
What an awesome idea!

Originally Posted by makeitmatter View Post
I just checked out the 20 Pounds by Labor Day Challenge thread (for the first time in a long while, sorry) and was amazed to see the cumulative progress everyone has made. WOW!!!!! FANTASTIC job everyone!!!!

What's the next challenge? 20 pounds by Thanksgiving? Yikes, the holidays are quickly approaching...
I will be out of pocket from mid-November until after Thanksgiving but if no one will run the one you suggested, and people are interested in doing a challenge between Labor Day and Halloween, I will volunteer to do the tracking. I'm going to St. Thomas in mid-November for 16 days and will probably phase out starting Nov. 1 and resume phase 1 after my trip. Or maybe a couple of us could do it and I could bow out after Halloween?
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