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Back from my weekend in Colorado, doing trail work on the Continental Divide Trail... we camped at about 10,000 ft. & worked between that & 10,800 ft... it was one of the most exciting, exhilarating, & satisfying experiences of my life!.. the project was to build turnpikes in the trail where there were previously mudholes, plus we fixed a bunch of places along the trail for water to run off... there was a lot involved in building a turnpike... we hauled about 30 wheelbarrow loads of rocks down from about 500 feet higher on the mountain, sizes ranged from football-size down to golfball-size, then had to dig the dirt even higher up on the mountain, about 1000 feet above the project, & that took at least twice as many wheelbarrow loads... the soil had to be mineral soil with no organic material in it so it'd compact better, & evidently that's not found in the lower areas... organic soil tends to stay spongy... plus, there was cutting down the trees & stripping the bark off... we actually built 2 turnpikes, but the second one was only one log long instead of 2... each log was about 17 feet long & they were laid down along each side of the trail, then we filled in between the logs with rocks, then topped those with soil... I didn't do the tree part, but I did a little of everything else... the work never really made me tired, but I always got out of breath hiking up the hill... but so did everybody else, so I didn't feel too out of shape... we had a crew of 25 people, about evenly split between men & women... ages ranged from early 20s to over 65, so I wasn't the oldest one in the group...

The Continental Divide Trail Alliance is an amazing organization... if any of you think you might want to work on a project with them next year, just Google "CDTA".. they'll put up the new projects on the website in February 2011...

I never could've done it without losing weight & getting in shape with the exercise I've done since starting IP... this is the most wonderful diet EVER!!!.. I'm re-starting Phase 1 Boot Camp today... the CDTA camp chefs didn't exactly follow IP protocol, so I've got some repair work of my own to do!..

I missed y'all... howdy & welcome to all the new folks!..

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