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Originally Posted by Lizzlee View Post
Hello to everyone, I just went to my first weigh in and I Lost 5lbs and 5 inches. I have been reading this site for about a year, when i did the HCG and MD diet. I have always loved the positive advice. The information on this site is amazing. I would like to say that this is the best diet i have ever been on.
LIZZLEE Great 1st WI!!!! to the IP eating plan!!!

Originally Posted by livelaughlove1981 View Post
went through my closet the other night... a 2 hour feat.... but i got a whole big garbage bag to give away!! feels soooo good! it is nice that my mom and sisters are doing this and they are smaller than me so I get some good hand me downs!! weigh in tommorrow, keeping my fingers crossed and I have made up my mind that i want to lose another 15lb before I leave on my holidays at the end of sept. So back onto strict phase 1 for me!!

keep up the inspirations! They help me so much!!
LIVELAUGHLOVE Isn't going through your closet and getting RID of a bunch of TOO BIG clothes wonderful!!! I love doing that. The same as you, I am lucky that my daughter is on IP also and is smaller than me, so as she lost I got her hand me downs!! Keep up the great job!!!!
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