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So I stopped by my parents' place last night. My mom was a skeptic when I first started IP, she tried to tell me how dangerous it was, and told me I should look into something safer, like South Beach.

They've both been on South Beach for about the same amount of time as I've been on IP. My dad has lost 55 lbs. and my mom has lost 25 lbs. They didn't like it much when I told them last night that, even combined, I have them by 30 lbs.! It was all in good fun, and they're both really pleased with my results.

Right now, my Dad and I are the same weight. He's about 6" shorter than I am, so I have him beat in the BMI sense, but he's also Type 2, and changing his diet has really impacted his diabetes in a positive way, so I'm glad to see that he's making positive changes.

Of course, one of my motives in starting IP was that I didn't want to end up with type 2, and IP has certainly been a huge factor in helping with that.

I'd tell you all another story, but I've got to head out now. I'm running late for my Speedo fitting!
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