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Originally Posted by dietfrenzy View Post
I also had low Vit D levels a couple of months ago. Now they are in the normal range after taking 5000 IU a day for 7 weeks. Now that my level is in the normal range, my doc recommended not to take more than 800-1000 IU a day of Vit D.
There is some controversy over the recommended levels of Vitamin D. Certainly the further you are from the equator, the more D3 you need in the fall & winter.
There is research to support taking 1000IU per 25lbs body weight to maintain optimum levels. It requires monitoring and repeat testing. Some docs are more conservative and/or time and cost conscious. But even they will be on the bandwagon after the first "You should have tested my Vit. D levels" lawsuit succeeds. And it will.
Originally Posted by floradeluna View Post
I need to learn to use quotes better but Congrats to all the big and small victories of the day!
The best quoting tip - EVA!! Thanks Rosie, aka 6710.
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