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Im a wannabe thin person
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Jacqueline: you posts are always so inspiring! I to feel a bit like you...

To stop being affraid of little things in itself is a great achievement...things like:

- sitting at a boot in a restaurant - affraid not to fit
- going on a plane, any transportation or a theater - affraid to take too much space

I to hope that next year we can all say while looking back.. wow.. im a free person and I can live life to its fullest!

Yesterday after talking to you about rewarding myself for lossing weight I did a list... for everytime I loose 5% of my original weight! and hubby agrees with the plan... so people wish me luck coz we are looking for a trip in Vegas in February - which will mean I lost 30% of my original weight...(would be @ 239lbs). So if I ever get sided tracked please kick my butt and reminde me of Vegas!!!

I need to learn to use quotes better but Congrats to all the big and small victories of the day!

By the way...I went to a loblaws in Ottawa yesterday to raid the WF products...after buying for 60$ worthh of 0 cal stuff ...we tried them all in the car lol ppl were looking at us funny hehehe - 2 big ppl eating off of jars

Anyways...we likes the jellies and italien dressing and BBQ sauce...the rest.. well I think I will tweek them and see what can be done

Im so bored at the office today... but 3 mores day and vacations time ( going away - but we will buy 3 weeks worth of IP before we much planning - but oh so worth it!)
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