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Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
It seems my little trip to the dr's office on Monday has resulted in my contracting some sort of cold/flu! I feel like crap. Scratchy throat, achy body, headache and over all blah! I'm sick, what??? I went to the dr not sick, but left sick, nice!
Melissa Don't you hate when that happens?? Did you wait a long time to see the doc ?? Sorry you are ill and hope you have good answers from your blood work. Do you think extending the 20 lb challenge date a bit makes any sense? Or should I just wait until there's another one? Congratulations to Stacy49 and the 5 or 6 others who have lost the 20 lbs already. A lot of others are really close.
A couple of NSVs yesterday. Went to get international driver's licenses and ran into a friend of my husband's. He said to him, "I know you have 2 sons but I didn't realize you have a daughter too." Yess it is kind of a cheesy compliment but I know he wouldn't have said it last February before I started IP. When I mentioned it at dinner to my hubby, he said "I was thinking when you got out of the car how beautiful you are." Well, that took my breath away. Not sure when he has said something like that to me...Have a great willpower dust filled day everyone!
[Week 1/10 lbs-2/4-3/3-4/3-5/3-6/3=26 lbs;7-12=7 lbs;13-18=13 lbs;19-24=12 lbs; 25-32=10 lbs Total = 68 lbs
lbs of fat. I lose a lot of weight on this diet, feel great doing it & keep it LOST. And so it is! Phase 2-8/26/2010 (then gained 34 lbs) Phase 1 AGAIN 7/15/2011

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