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Good Morning All!

Sorry You 'under The Weather' Kelsey..
Jackie-great Post! I Live Near The Beach, And never go Except For Sept/oct When Tourists Are Gone And Beach Is Empty,... Not Next Year!!!

Since I Have To Eat The 'evil' Bars For Breakfast- My Body Needs The Higher Sugar Content In The Morning, Or I Get Really Weak And Feel Like Fainting..i Just Cut Them All Up Into 12 Pieces Each And Froze Them In Mini Baggies..they Take Longer To Eat That Way With Morning Coffee ( After A Lg Glass Of Salted Water)

Now If My Hubby Thinks They Are Hidden Candy Bars, Cut Up In The Freezer, I Will Laugh..

Congrats On All The Weight Losses And Nsv's!!!!!!!
I'll Check Back In Later After Work....
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