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Default While you were sleeping ...

Yesterday's chat - post as of 9:08 pm

Okay, well sleepyheads here's what happened while you were gone:
- A speedo threat from our own salesgod -- animal print,
- continuing bra & man-zierre talk, and the added spice of a nooky reference
- elle12 had a good tip for a tasty chocolate shake
- JessicaCourez NSV can now wear her husband's jeans
- Jacqueline posted an inspiring vision based on her day at the beach, swim
- gibster took a rotation on the 3FC IP welcoming committee, and tipped a smartphone weight tracker app
- linden linked to a NY Times article about losing and retaining muscle mass, and double negative , which IMO was completely appropriate
- MotherDuckMJ expressed her appreciation and has a spiffy photo avatar
- candace5 and sillyputty checked in with responses to earlier posts
- Becca7 gave her POV on those devil bars and will get back on track with IP today
- TAB3319 bought jeans in size 5/6 because they FIT!
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