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Hello Everyone,
I did a search for medifast substitutions and found this thread and I'm very thankful. I have recently returned to medifast and am doing great on it. But now like so many people in this economy, I am seeing that I may not be able to afford the program long enough to reach goal and I am still a ways away.

My question is for those of you have actually substituted some of the foods, whether it was the bars or shakes or any MF foods:
What did you subsitute with?
How has this affected your weight loss?
Do outside foods that you have tried trigger overeating.

I believe the reason I don't overeat on medifast foods is that for starters, it's expensive and I can't afford to eat an extra pudding or whatever, and also the food is okay and I like it enough . . . but not enough for seconds, lol.

I would appreciate your answers. I really love medifast and if it weren't for my budget I would love to be solely on MF but it's just not possible and I don't want to throw my hard work on weight loss away only because I can't afford the food.
Thank you for responses in advance.

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