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Today was a good day. Spent most of the day in the truck it seemed but we were all together and that's what matters. I love that about the weekends.

Today's eats 8/28/10

Breakfast (190) had to take our oldest son to his Scouting yard sale (rushing)
Slim fast chocolate shake

Snack (132)
Apple, Activia Vanilla Light yogurt

Snack (162) in the truck
Banana, bran flakes <--- after leaving Walmart, very hungry

Late Lunch (190) <--- made this to eat in the truck earlier
Spinach salad, w/ Light Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, croutons, bacon bits (very filing once I got to eat it) a serving of spinach is a lot

Dinner (290)
Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken **this was so good, thanks for recommending it

Snack (150)
Spray cheese and 5 saltine crackers

Total calories 1114 ... I know, I know very low. But eating on the run is not a good thing. I am working on this. Promising myself
I had some extra things I had forgot about ... devil's food cookie cake 50 cal, 100 cal Keebler pack Total calories 1264
Water I don't think I've had 32ozs today
Exercise 2.5 miles track in 40 minutes we were trying to do 3 but it was too dark
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