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Hi girls! Molly - I remembered that you started the "thread 3" which should have been "Thread 4" but figured it'd be really confusing to the others as to why I skipped #4!! And I figured it really didn't matter anyways - so here we are with a second #4 and by all means - JOIN Water's CHALLENGE!!! It's gonna be a GREAT motivator! Can't let my peeps down!!

Water - I think points is a good thing too, course have no idea what those points will be good for except just to say "WOO HOO I'm the winner - or weiner as the case may be!!")

Destinova - good for you - so glad you're enjoying WS, I am too! Are you joining our challenge??? It's gonna be fun...twisting arm!!

Meg - I do my fruit in the afternoons too! Helps me get from lunch to dinner (still getting a shake in between) without binging! I LOVE to chew!!

Janell - I love the Nanny too...I saw some of the episodes this morning, but then dashed out the door around 11 headed to get groceries. I'm the one who asked for snail addresses - had no idea that you had to be here for a while to be able to PM...oh well, just send it to me when you can!

And you other girls too...I want your snail addresses so I can send yall some goodies...I'm a crafter and love to make things! I try not to make junky stuff - and mostly my crafts are paper based (I don't DO fabric!!)!!

Got to tell yall about this...Thursday night I went to a Coupon Class - cool is was a fundraiser at my sons school and there were about 50 ladies there (not bad in a school from 3yr preK to HS Senior with about 150 kids total!) Well, this lady taught me (FINALLY) how to use my coupons the right way! So today I decided I was ready for the challenge - had my coupons, my list (made from my weekly menu), the sales flier and off I went. We average $100 a week on groceries so that's all I took....My bill was $114 BEFORE she rang my Kroger Plus card and bill...$76.44!!!! YAY ME!!! I was SO excited!! Got everything on the list - plus stocked up on some stuff that was 10/$10 (you don't have to buy 10 to get those items for $1!!) I was soooo impressed with myself and when I got home hubs was pretty tickled too!

This afternoon hubs and I went to a near by "college town" - they have fabulous shopping and restaurants that our dinky little town doesn't - I went to Cato's just to try on britches to see where I was...Started this in April in a 26, TIGHT 26 I'm now in a 22!! YAY!! I didn't buy anything, just wanted to see. I'm down 38.5 pounds - so you'd think I'd have dropped more sizes than that - but all my weight is around my hips and rear and belly...working on it though! We ate at Logans and I had the Baked sweet potatoe and the health nut salad with my very own WS honey mustard dressing!! and Water...did eat 2 rolls and a bunch of nuts, but I'm ok with all that!!

Oh as for my videos - I have the Shred too - kicks my butt!!! I hate the jumping jack part, I got too much a'jigglin!! I also have Susan Powter Stop the Insanity VHS (way old, but love it - and love her!!) - couldn't figure out how to download the C25K on the Pod from the podcast link - but gonna get son to see if he can do it - not sure if I can run/jog as I've got some buggered up bones in my feet; but willing to try!

Gosh I've rambled like a crazy girl...sorry yall...enjoy the night!!
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