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Default Protein sources in plant foods?

So I am doing a combo of sorts with calorie counting, low carb/high protein, and whole foods. Basically I'm counting my cals, and I infinitely prefer clean eating, especially unprocessed things, fruits and veggies, etc. I figure that the closest it is to its growing or natural state, the less tampering, the better.
But my body does lose weight better on a higher protein/lower carb diet as well. I previously (more than a year ago) lost about 15lbs relatively easily eating an almost atkins-style induction phase-lots of meat and lots of cheese!So I want to stay with the high-protein foods, but I am trying not to overwhelm my body with all this animal fat stuff this time. Not that I fear fat, but I remember eating gobs of cheese and meat all the time, with little to not veggies and fruits, and that, to me, is NOT healthy at all.
I prefer to get my protein and fats through better sources: clean,lean natural meats (like a chicken breast or steak as opposed to lunchmeat or sausages), plant sources, olive oils, etc. I am starting to really shift back to the low-carb but I'm having a little tough of a time finding plant sources that actually do have protein. I've been sticking to fibrous carbs for the time being, and some fruit because I just love it, but are there any kinds of foods that I'm just missing? I know about nuts, love them, and beans. Are there other foods like this out there that I am forgetting about? I just bought a bag of mushrooms as well, they do have quite a decent amount of protein for a veg.
Any tips are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)

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