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Happy Saturday Ladies!

Congrats on your first day and loss goddess!!

Desti, I just purchased a couple of things from the fit-fresh website and I am really happy with them. One is a big, 28 oz, bottle with a little paddle blender inside it, so it mixes things up really well, makes sure nothing gets stuck on the bottom, and best of all, while you are drinking, you can 'freshen' it up by just hitting the button and it re-mixes all over again. Really likn' it!!

Water, I like the idea of assigning a points value for the challenge, and then of course we could have a winner at the end of the month!! I love competition, it keeps me on my game!! Maybe we could incorporate eating on plan? Water? and the exercise? maybe have 3 chances to earn points each day? Just a thought.

Love the Nanny re-runs - actually, I love mindless TV! I have been having a lazy Saturday morning watching paid programing. It is SO tempting to buy those wonderful little gadgets

I havent actually comitted to the plan yet, I do well for a day and then slip the next - too many stresses in my life right now. Hubby and I are going away for Labor Day weekend (leaving thursday) and then I plan on getting back on the plan the day after Labor Day. I am going to do this!! I will start the exercise challenge on the 1st though.

Hope you are all having a great day, we are having beautiful weather here in Missouri.

BTW, someone ask for snail mail - I am too new to send private messages, I have to wait for 20 posts and 20 days, so I will send it when I can.
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