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Originally Posted by IndieSoul View Post
Question for the ladies who have experience with this...I want to dye strips in my hair with Manic Panic, but I wash my hair every day. How well does it stay in? Does it run into the non-dyed portions of your hair? Thanks!
Manic Panic does fade really fast. I bought it because the had the color I wanted, but if you're looking for dye the stays better, you might want to try another brand. Mine's never run into the non-dyed portions of my hair, and the strands that I dye are bleached.

Here's what I do. Very easy.
I take the parts of my hair that I want to dye and lie it up with some plastic wrap. Then I use a cheap brush I got at Sallys (for hair dye) and spread the dye along the strands - like, a lot of it. Then I wrap it all up in plastic wrap... and go to sleep : P

then wash it out in the morning and use a lot of conditioner.
Like I said, I have to do mine every week (I also wash my hair every day), and that's when the part I dye is like >white< blonde. If you're using non-treated hair it probably would last even less... just guessing.

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