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love to be a lower weight
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Thank You I just keep jumping back and forth which is discouraging because I want to get out of the 170 and move to a new decade as they say. You can't get discouraged, you can but you shouldn't feel that way. Look at how well you have done without exercise. You had a lot on your plate and you are only up 1.4 Yay YOU!! You are goal oriented and you have a made up mind and you are gonna do this. I hope you had an OP day and you got your workout in. Your walks sound like mine. I'm getting better. I have managed to cut my 3 mile walks down from 52 minutes to 48-49 minutes at an average speed of 3.36-3.76 and at a pace of 15.58-17.49. My speed and pace are lower when there are dogs out. I am so proud of myself when I first started I couldn't do a quarter of a mile. I ran into a lady on Friday and she said she didn't recognize me because I look so different from when I first started. That made me feel really good. I only know here from seeing her at the track.

I like breakfast for dinner also. I am having a hard time with breakfast here lately. I'm not hungry when I get up but I know I have to eat in order to lose. I was trying to kick the Slim Fast thing but when I don't feel like eating it's so easy to just drink one. I need to post today's eats. Glad you're back

Ulimate goal, struggling to get there .... .... Restart to get back to lowest weight in five years

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