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S/C/G: 199/128/125 (new goal of 115)

Height: 5'3


I'm currently very self aware of the cellulite on the back of my thighs so I tend to wear longer shorts, longer skirts and longer dresses- once the cellulite is reduced I plan on wearing shorter shorts etc... I'd also like to wear lingerie for my Fiance and actually feel comfortable doing so, I know this is attainable. In general I'd like to feel confident wearing most things, currently I see fault in most of my body parts- that sounds pretty sad, but it's the truth.

GETTING MARRIED!!! I plan to be at target weight or below before our wedding next Spring.
Running a half marathon next March, the training will really help, but I'd like to get to target weight before training so that the training isn't so difficult.
Showing a certain someone who doubted me that I did it.......I won't actually say anything, but I'll just feel good when this person see's me. This person has always secretly competed with me, only leading to me being more motivated.
Not feeling anxious and embarrassed each time I take off my cover up at the beach/pool.

Less anxious about wearing a bikini, enjoying shopping trips etc...
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