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Yay Jen Glad to see you back . Well my update I started a new eating plan and upped my calories by 1600. I decided to do it every other day and it seems to be working. I bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It's only a 20 minute workout but it is hard. A lot of back and forth which is what is hard for me. I have learned that I can't do sit-ups the 3 that I managed to do. Kenneth said I did wrong, but I am still trying. I can now do more jumping jacks and air rope jumping than when I started. I was spotting, that has stopped TTOM is here for the second time this month which I knew would happen. I weighed in this morning at 173.8 so I'm happy. I am still hoping to make my Labor Day goal of 170.

Yesterday's eats 8/22/10

Breakfast (340) around 10:30ish
Perfectly potato soup w/ a cup of broccoli, and skim milk

Lunch (288) around 1:30ish
2 thin slices pastrami, BK salad w/ extra salad greens, 12 garlic & butter croutons, 2 svg ff 1000 island, took out the cherry tomatoes and the baby carrots

Snack (163) cub scout outing
1 tortilla scoop chip, 2 original triscuits w/a little hummus on each, and 3 Lance peanut butter crackers

Dinner (230)
Healthy Choice Spinach ravioli

Total calories 1021 (I may have an apple or a cup of grapes) so plus 60
Water 68ozs so far. I just started another 32oz cup
Exercise 3 miles track
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