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I love this thread! Great motivation!

-NOTHING on my calves!! I want to be able to have bare calves without feeling ashamed. ;_;
-Capri pants (they're extremely unflattering on cankles)
-Loose, flowy shirts (If I wear anything but fitted shirts, my legs look huge)
-A swimsuit WITHOUT board shorts!
-Flashy jewelery/accessories that look funny on larger bodies but cute on smaller ones
-Jeans that actually fit properly!! No matter what, when I go to buy jeans, they're either perfect in the waist/hips and too small in the legs, or perfect in the legs but too big in the waist/hips! Curse you, thunder thighs!

-NOT being the fat one among my friends! Somehow I ended up being friends with practically nothing but good looking people. I'm sick of being the fat ugly one. T_T
-I hadn't even thought of this before reading the other posts, but I would love for my boyfriend to be able to pick me up! XD Well, he can right now, but I don't like him too just because it makes me feel really big. XP Being the same height doesn't help. I would also love to be able to sit on his lap without looking silly!

-Like a freak... but for my personality and general quirkiness, NOT for my weight!

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