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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/197.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


Today's eats 8/19/10

Breakfast (391)
skim, V8, boiled egg, light mayo, 1/2 grapefruit, Activia light, 4 strips bacon

Snack (245)
1/2 apple fruit & grain bar, 9 organic tortilla chips, rice cake

Lunch (402)
1c broccoli and 2% chicken from Hong Kong restaurant, diet cranberry

Snack (260)
100 cal keebler pack, 17 Special K crackers, Activia light vanilla

Dinner (430)
homemade chili, w/ half svg of shred cheddar and 5 saltines

Total calories 1728, oh my goodness over by 128 . Please don't let me have a bad weigh in in the morning
Water 112ozs plus 16oz decaf green tea
Exercise - did better with Level 1 of 30DS and 2.38 miles track

I had a great day. Didn't get what I wanted at the stores but I did get 4 new Healthy Choice meals, two new snacks, and some great broccoli and chicken that I don't know what the calories for it are so I'm gonna double what it would be normally and keep my . I did almost all of Level 1 30DS I just couldn't do the sit-ups and the last exercise at the end. But there is always tomorrow. I got my walk in too. Yay!!
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