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Diana, we don't have much of anything here LOL. We moved from an area with everything you could think of. There is one mall that has a walking program but I'd have to get up super early to get there it's about 35-40 minutes away no traffic. We aren't far from I-95 but with the traffic on our one main road it can take 25 minutes to get there so I just hit the track. I hope to have a treadmill as DH promised soon after school starts because I won't be able to use the track then due to sporting activities and then our kids activities. I'll have to figure out something.

I'm having one of those days where nothing is satisfying me. Nothing today taste good so I really don't want to eat but I have eaten anyway. I know better. I have already had 944 calories so I'm working on it. I popped in Jillian's 30 day shred that I purchased today and I must say level one is no joke.
I found out ...
~I can only do 10 jumping jacks before I feel like my heart is coming out of my chest.
~I can't do push up's at all (I did try to do 3 before I gave up)
~I can't jump rope because I can't jump up and down with my feet together.
~I have a problem with the constant up and down.

My goodness, I thought I was doing good and getting in shape. She definitely proved me wrong. I will definitely try again every day until I can complete ALL of Level 1. I am gonna go back to that that I used the first two weeks with 3FC. I also finally got my 3 miles in before the rain came again. YAY!!
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