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Originally Posted by Meg View Post

So it's impact activities that are hurting your knees? Me too (I have arthritis) so I don't do any kind of exercise involving walking, running, or jumping (anything that you're lifting your feet off the ground). Every pound that you're carrying exerts four pounds of pressure on your knees, hips, and feet according to my knee doc. If you're 200 pounds, that's 800 pounds of pressure on your knees! So when you jump or run, you're putting a ton of extra weight on your joints and they're screaming TOO MUCH! I can even feel a big difference in my knees when I carry a 14 pound box of kitty litter up the stairs, so imagine what 50 or so extra pounds can do.

But don't despair, that still leaves a lot of kinds of exercise! Elliptical trainers (my favorite ), exercise bikes (I like recumbent), and swimming are all awesome cardio exercise and there's NO impact involved.

And the more you strengthen the muscles that support your knees, the less pressure there is on the joint itself. The muscle acts as an internal knee brace. Do you belong to a gym? Do you have any exercise equipment at home, like an exercise ball or dumbbells?
I have arthritis in both my knees and I'm going to get a shot in one of them in a week. I'm also having problems with my feet. Plantar Facitious so they hurt. This summer has been a total bust. I was doing so well with my Wii Fit plus then I hurt my foot. it was downhill from there. My foot is just now starting to feel better.It's been sore or 5 months. It was the pain like a heel spur so I couldn't even walk on my treadmill. I did walk the other day around the track at the high school and that just killed my knees.

This may sound crazy but every single day I say I'm going to join the Y which is 8 minutes from my house. Then I say well what am I going to do there because of the pain. I really want to go swim which I know is the best for me.
Oh well enough of my pity party
I'm going to to and do my dance dvd
MADONNA GRIMES ----AFRICAN BEAT LATIN HEAT....... if you like zumba you would like this.
You Can't Out Work a Bad Diet

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