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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
I disagree because my bills have gone down but then again I don't eat meat. Beans and other legumes and whole grains are inexpensive, especially when you buy in bulk. Also, I don't buy most of my veggies/fruits from supermarkets, especially certain super markets, I'll go to the asian market where I can get 5 grocery bags full of fruits/veggies for $20. In season/sale items are also often cheaper at Whole Foods than at my grocery store (I can buy apples for 99 cents/lb at Whole Foods, organic even). Whole Foods and other similar health food stores also sell grains/legumes by the bulk which is cheaper. 1 box of quinoa is $4.99 at my grocery store but $1.50/lb at Whole Foods.

I've also bought foods at farmers markets or on a couple occasions, I've gone to the farms for certain products.
Maybe where you live there are nice places to shop, but in my little TN town there is only Kroger, Food Lion, Save-a-lot, Aldis, and Walmart. I try to find the best prices in those stores, but their selection of healthy foods are limited and pretty expensive, and we do not have a farmer's market or butcher or anything like that, though sometimes people have vegetable stands on the side of the road, but because of our low income we buy our food with foodstamps, so we wouldn't be able to purchase them. Also, I wouldn't know how much they want for them. I guess I could look sometime out of curiosity and maybe spend a little money if it were a good deal.

Of course, when the weather gets cold my dad will sometimes get a deer and share a bunch of the meat with us, and in the summer they share their garden with us, but the garden is basically gone now thanks to the heat, so now it's back to shopping at the stores again.

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