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Originally Posted by moonkissed View Post
lol whatever they showed on wipeswap might have been alittle bit (or awhole lot) more extreme then it really is lol They seem to go after more umm interesting people on that show lol

The definition I prefer & that I feel makes the most sense is:

For most of us paganism is earth centered spirituality, rooted and inspired by old religious practices and the traditions that surround them.

Paganism has come to be an umbrella term for many different earth religions, polytheistic religions and/or religions and traditions which have been revived from many different cultures. Such as Native American Spirituality, Goddess Worship, Druids & the Celtic spirituality, also Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, etc...

My path is very nature & lunar centered and focused on the feminine and Goddess spirituality. It is mostly just about seeing that nature is sacred, life is scared and paying attention to the natural cycles of the earth and moon mixed in with alot of mythology and symbolism, some meditation and such.

Sounds very nice and peaceful. Thanks for sharing!

And that's definitely not the type of peganism that
wifeswap showed. You're right, they do tend to be
a bit extreme with the people they choose.

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